Debate Closed?

During the last Federal Election in May, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated on more than one occasion that he “would not open the debate on abortion”. He had already said this during an interview with Peter Mansbridge earlier in the year.

This is not the first time Prime Minister Harper has made a proclamation on abortion during an election. During the 2004 race he ‘assured’ voters that he would not allow any ‘government backed abortion legislation’ if he should win. During the same election then Prime Minister Paul Martin vowed not to act on any private member bills on abortion. At the same time the leader of the NDP Jack Layton insisted his MP’s would not be allowed a “free vote” on any abortion bill and, most worryingly, the then leader of the Bloc Quebecois, Giles Duceppe, announced he would ‘bring down’ a government which made any move against abortion.

If you are concerned the above is ‘pro-life spin’ of the events of 2004, it could interest you to know the entire paragraph is sourced from an article on a ‘pro-choice’ web site, where the above events appear to be celebrated. The article can be found in full at:

We at We Want The Debate must be clear on one point; we are not critical of the position of any of the above politicians in itself. We would strongly disagree with any ‘pro-choice’ stance, and seek to challenge it at every opportunity, but an opposing opinion is the right of any Canadian.

What we do find despicable is the disregard for democracy shown by these statements. Prime Minister Harper has and will prevent this issue even being discussed at any meaningful level, whilst former Prime Minister Martin and former leaders Jack Layton and Giles Duceppe threatened to pervert, resist and even ignore or overturn the democratic will of Canada. This is not democracy. Enshrining any issue in such a manner is an act of tyranny.

We at We Want The Debate are not demanding every politician convert to a pro-life position. We are not demanding that all ‘pro-choice’ arguments be silenced, a stance which separates us from our opponents. What we are insisting on is that this issue, like any other, deserves to be discussed openly and fairly. We insist that the Canadian people should be informed on all aspects of the abortion debate. We demand our politicians allow this to happen, regardless of their personal political aspirations. We demand that anyone in the political sphere, be it entire parties, separate caucuses or individuals fighting alone be allowed to voice a belief on this issue and have it heard and discussed. In short;


If you feel inclined to ignore the above because ‘the abortion issue’ is not one you feel strongly about, consider the following question;

If the government of Canada can pervert and ignore democracy on this issue, what would prevent it doing so on any other issue? The answer is nothing, nothing at all.

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  1. Garry Sahl November 25, 2011 at 6:21 PM #

    Harper and the party he leads, although the overall majority of them are better than the Political Parties who legalized sexual victimization of Canadian Children by predators in 2005, who by not raising the age of sex consent did this, and The Canadian Supreme Court also put this into Canadian law that same year.

    Concerned Canadians had to work very hard informing our voting citizens across Canada the evil consequences of what The Politically Correct Government of Canada, and The Supreme Court Of Canada had made legal. This required extra effort as the media seems to be well engineered, by schools who teach love without meaning,(Kinsey Sex Education), and murder without guilt ( Abortion), by government decree and court enforcement.

    When speaking with the icons of Politically Correct Relativism,and the popular media, Harper fears loosing his grip with our socially engineered society. “You Can Fool All Of The People All The Time,” Is a slogan that becomes closer to a reality with the New Western Worldview and religion of Politically Correct Relativism in Government, Law, Education, by government decree and court enforcement, from elementary school through university.

    What is legal is moral, is a slogan that has been used throughout history to exploit, and murder those who deserve our protection, not Capital Punishment or Slavery. Our society had a benevolent worldview in Government, Law and Education when we fought Two World Wars, against those who changed their definition of science and law to legalize their atrocities. At that time the German people were the most educated in Europe. The recent Wall Street crimes bring to mind another slogan, educate students in Politically Correct Relativism and you only increase their capacity to steal. Some call this infectious greed by establishment. When Christianity is replaced by, Politically Correct Relativism by government decree and court enforcement, in government,law and education, our Canada and Western Civilization becomes more like the ones we fought two World Wars against.
    Therefore Canada and Western Civilization needs to debate the Abortion Holocaust, and the consequences of its legalization setting court precedents to other atrocities.Like the murder of born babies,etc.

    If Harper and the former PC’s in his inner circle turn the Conservative Party to a Politically Correct Party, it will be no different than all the other parties with the worldview of Politically Correct Relativism on life, who redefine science and law to suit their subjective whims.

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