Abortion Industry Masquerading as the Voice for Choice in Canada

Over the years we have wondered who our opponents in the abortion debate really were. Were they like us, just Canadians who wanted to help others to understand what the abortion discussion is about and help families dealing with a crisis pregnancy find the resources to assist them in bringing their child to full term. Did they like us commit to setting up informal and then formal groups and organizations in communities across our province to help educate and provide support? Did they like us fund-raise for private donations to set up our offices for education, pregnancy support, accommodation? Did they raise funds to staff these offices, or find groups of volunteers ready to help in any situation and did they like us offer all our services free? But, I digress because we can see the face of “choice” in Canada and it appears that it is overwhelmingly the abortion industry masquerading as the voice for choice.

In Canada, there are four prominent groups who are regularly quoted in news releases or who hold news conferences (mostly at abortion clinics) and are considered by the media as being the pro-choicemovement in Canada. Why don’t we take a look at who they are?

The Pro-Choice Action Network www.prochoiceactionnetwork-canada.org/aboutus/aboutus.shtml

The Pro-Choice Action Network was formed in 1987 to secure safe, fully funded, high quality abortion services for women. (Formerly known as the BC Coalition for Abortion Clinics, our groups name changed its name in 1998)…We have close working ties with the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada.”

  • This organization represents abortion clinics

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada www.arcc-cdac.ca/about.html

“”The focus of ARCC-CDAC is to ensure that women can exercise their right to this health service [abortion] equitably and without barriers.”

  • Of the 28 group members listed on the ARCC-CDAC website, 14 are abortion clinics or in the case of OCAC membership additionally represent the private abortion clinics in Ontario!

Ontario Coalition of Abortion Clinics http://ocac-choice.com/about

OCAC was formed because clinics wanted to challenge a system that was denying abortion to their clients

  • There are 8 private abortion clinics operating at this time, of which we are aware, in Ontario.

 National Abortion Federation of Canada http://prochoice.org/about_naf/index.html

The national Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of abortion providers in North America.”

  • NAF trains doctors to perform abortion and provides referrals for women and as it says represents the abortion industry.

Over the years the abortion industry has demanded in press releases that no woman should have to pay for abortion – (government funding guarantees their income and high numbers of abortions), opposed third party counseling as unnecessary, what we are concerned about is whether these facilities would actually counsel women regarding the nature of the unborn child or inform them local help to assist them in carrying their child. On the blogroll “I’m not sorry” carried on the Ontario Coalition of Clinics home page you can read the following in the item “answering pro-lifers,”

“If you listen to the anti-choicers, they would have you believe that full-term babies are being ripped out of wombs and having their heads bashed in, when in fact what’s being removed is an alien-looking clump roughly the size of a kidney bean…”)

The abortion industry has opposed protecting the child before birth (should the mother be assaulted) saying that that protection would hurt pregnant women and effect what it calls abortion rights.It has challenged the Canadian Medical Association to take away a physician’s right not to be involved in abortion, by forcing them to refer patients requesting abortion, to another doctor. The ARCC-CDAC encouraged letter writing to oppose a bill which would have criminalized coercing a woman to undergo an abortion, http://www.arcc-cdac.ca/action/C510-sample-letter.htmland more recently through a National Abortion Federation news release challenged our Prime Minister’s decision not to include abortion in the Canada’s International Maternal and Child Health strategy.

In an October 22nd Events page (http://ocac-choice.com/events The Ontario Coalition of Abortion Clinics noted “Anti-choice organizations in Ontario are mobilizing to attempt to pressure the provincial government to defund abortion in this province”. Could it be that the industry can see their bottom line dwindling if our provincial government de-insured abortion?

In closing we would just like to state that every issue has movements which rise up to defend or oppose it and in any democracy this is a good and healthy thing. What we as Canadians need to realise is that overwhelmingly the so called “voice for choice” is actually the abortion industry itself, fighting to the death to keep abortion accessible and government funded. The abortion industry, is financed on the backs of terrified women experiencing crisis pregnancy. Is it in the abortion industry’s best interest for women to know that there are centres out there ready and willing to help, or that there are inherent risk factors in the abortion procedure, or to tell the mother that that her child is alive and growing. Every abortion not undertaken is money lost to the industry. How long did it take before the tobacco industry fessed up?

For these and many other reasons we want the debate.

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One Response to Abortion Industry Masquerading as the Voice for Choice in Canada

  1. Garry Sahl November 22, 2011 at 8:24 PM #

    Abortion Kills Living Human Beings in the warmth of their mother’s wombs.Why Are We Doing This In Canada?

    Dilation and curettage is commonly called D&C. The physician dilates the cervix with a series of instruments to allow the insertion of a curette, a loop-shaped knife, into the womb. The instrument is used to scrape the placenta from the uterus and then cut the baby apart. The pieces are then pulled through the cervix. The body must then be reassembled by an attending nurse to make sure no parts remain in the womb to cause infection.

    Suction aspiration. The mouth of the cervix is dilated. A hollow tube with a knife-like edged tip is inserted into the womb. A suction force 28 times stronger than a vacuum cleaner tears the baby and the placenta to pieces. These pieces are sucked into a container.

    Saline injection also known as salt-poisoning. A strong salt solution is injected through the mother’s abdominal wall into the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. The baby then breathes and swallows the solution causing internal poisoning and burning. In a few hours the unborn baby dies from salt poisoning, dehydration, and hemorrhaging. The mother goes into labor and delivers a dead or dying baby.

    Prostaglandin involves the use of prostaglandin hormones that are injected into the womb or released in a vaginal suppository. This causes the uterus to contract and deliver the baby prematurely. A saline solution is sometimes injected first, killing the child before birth, in order to make the procedure less distressful for the mother and medical staff.

    Dilation and evacuation is commonly called a D&E. The doctor dilates the mother’s cervix and uses forceps to reach into the uterus. He grasps the arms and legs, dismembers the body, and crushes the skull to remove it. The placenta and the smaller pieces of the body are removed by suction and sharp curetting.

    Hysterotomy, similar to a Caesarean section. This procedure involves opening the womb surgically and removing the baby to end the infants life.

    We ought to put and end to this holocaust.

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