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In a single five year period Kermit Gosnell and the Women’s Medical Society perforated a young women’s uterus, left a patient with parts of an aborted child still inside her and caused the death of Semika Shaw. In a separate five year period Gosnell caused the stillbirth of a 30 week term baby, killed a child following birth and caused the death of Karnamaya Mongar.

Just for the record: The last Quality Assessments conducted on the five abortion clinics covered by the Ontario Independent Health Facilities Act are as follows:

  • The Morgentaler Abortion Clinic, Ottawa – November 2007 (4 years ago)
  • The Morgentaler Abortion Clinic, Toronto – April 2008 (3 and a half years ago)
  • The Choice in Health Abortion, Clinic – May 2008 (3 and a half years ago)
  • The Cabbage Town Abortion Clinic – October 2005 (6 years ago)
  • The Scott Abortion Clinic November 2006 (5 years ago)

Abortion facilities with no oversight by the Independent Health Facilities Act

  • The Women’s Care Clinic – established 1996
  • The Mississauga Women’s Clinic – established – unknown
  • The Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic – established – unknown

We believe these facilities will now be covered under the “Out of Hospital Premises Inspection Program” introduced April 9th 2010 in an amendment to Regulation 114/94 under the Medicine Act, adding Part XI, Inspection of Premises Where certain procedures are Performed.

They were required to notify the College of Physicians and Surgeons if they were performing procedures as defined in the regulation when it came into force. They were told that an inspection withing 24 months was then to be expected.

In Murder in Plain Sight, a previous report produced by Alliance for Life Ontario, it was proposed that an individual such as Kermit Gosnell could operate in the same manor he did in Pennsylvania in any jurisdiction which failed to provide stringent, effective, transparent oversight and regulation of all of its abortion facilities. This finding was vital, as it underlined the importance of the Grand Jury Report into the Women’s Medical Society beyond the borders of Pennsylvania. The following report examines the current status of regulation of the eight known free-standing abortion facilities in Ontario, in other words facilities of the same nature as the Women’s Medical Society. See No Evil Report.

In the absence of the resources, and ability to compel testimony the Grand Jury enjoyed whilst investigating Kermit Gosnell and the authorities of Pennsylvania, this report has instead utilised existing evidence and information. Three documents are used to form as complete a picture of the regulation of freestanding abortion facilities in Ontario as possible. The majority of this evidence deals with Independent Health Facilities, as described under the Ontario Independent Health Facilities Act . also also

The research for this report has discovered that this was the only statute applicable to the oversight of free standing abortion facilities until 2010, when a change was made to the provincial Medicine Act 1991.

Further investigation has been carried out into this and other recent developments. The findings and the results are also included in the report.

Based solely on the research findings of this report,  we believe that it would have been possible for Kermit Gosnell to operate in Ontario in the same manner he did in Pennsylvania. It is also plausible to conclude that  another individual may have operated in this manner over the past 20 years in Ontario, and even possible that the person could be operating this way now.

The report aimed to examine the possibility of an abortion facility being able to operate in the same manner as the Women’s Medical Society of Philadelphia, only here in Ontario. The bar by which we measured the possibility were the findings in our May 2011 report “Murder in Plain Sight”.

That report came to the conclusion that only the certainty of transparent and effective oversight of abortion facilities would prevent a similar situation occurring in Ontario. The evidence provided by the researchers for this particular report, drawn in most part from existing government reports, suggests that we cannot be complacent in Ontario. It appears that free-standing abortion facilities have been allowed to operate unlicensed and without oversight of any kind. The number of assessments deemed appropriate, even when a facility is licensed, is highly questionable particularly in light of developments in Pennsylvania. It is fair to speculate that some licensed free-standing abortion facilities have operated for years without any assessment at all, and will continue to operate without assessment indefinitely.

Serious concerns exist regarding the policies and practices of both the Ministry and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Repeated suggestions of improvements to the Independent Health Facility Program have been rejected or stalled, often out of a greater consideration for the convenience of the College or the preferences of free-standing abortion facility operators.  This prioritisation comes at the expense of safety of the women of Ontario. Throughout this investigation relevant information has been withheld from our researchers, including both the results of assessments and information on whether a facility has been assessed at all.

It is most concerning that all of the information the researchers have obtained has been obtained from government of Ontario sources or other sources readily accessible by the government of Ontario.

None of this information is new, and on more than one occasion those in a position to address these issues have sat together, met in committees, and discussed the concerns, yet, failed to act.

In light of the evidence presented by this investigation, it is the belief of Alliance for Life Ontario that oversight of free-standing abortion facilities in Ontario is neither stringent, nor effective nor transparent.

This leads to the conclusion that a physician such as Kermit Gosnell could have established and operated a facility such as the Women’s Medical Society here in Ontario, for as long as he did in Pennsylvania, if not longer. It is our deepest hope that this scenario will not be discovered to be a reality, and that immediate, decisive action will be taken by the Ministry of Health and Long term Care, the Independent Health Facilities Program and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to ensure that this will cease to be a possibility in the province of Ontario.

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2 Responses to See No Evil

  1. Garry Sahl January 9, 2012 at 6:52 PM #

    Canada presented one of it’s highest honors ,”The Order Of Canada”, to Henry Morgentaler, The Abortionist Hero Of Canada. What does this say about Socially Engineered Canadian Society, in Government, Law and Education, from Kindergarten, by decree and enforcement? We fought Two World Wars with tyrants who did the same.
    After The Second World War,at The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials,ten Nazi leaders were indicted for,” The Crimes Against Humanity of encouraging and compelling Abortions.”
    Trials of War Criminals,Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC,USGPO,Volume IV page 610.

    It is outrageous that Politically Correct Relativism, the new worldview of Canada and the West has adopted the same subjective view, in Government, Education, and Law by decree. What kind of Government and Court Precedents does this set?

    In a democracy the citizens are responsible politically to organize to change morbid Parliamentary Legislation and Rotten Supreme Court Of Canada Law. We can do this because we did it in 2008,when we stopped Rotten Legislation and Legal Loop holes in Canadian Parliamentary Legislation and Supreme Court Of Canada Law that allowed sexual predators, “BY RIGHT,” to sexually exploit consenting Canadian Children.
    I hope our citizens come to their senses and stop killing babies, who ought to be safe in their moms wombs. If they can’t be safe their Canada where can they be safe?

    Through reasoned debate using verifiable evidence,we must defeat harmful ideas and bad legislation and law, while we show love and respect to the people promoting this morbidity. Perhaps they will come to their senses.

  2. Sekil March 19, 2012 at 1:50 AM #

    This is ridiculous. Hey eerdybovy! Let’s use a fear tactic to make people see the wrong in something that about opinion! Do women enjoy having abortions? No. But it’s their decision. Do you expect a raped woman to carry around a nine month reminder of something being taken from her? If you don’t like abortion, fine. If you think it’s a sin, fine. But don’t use tactics to try and scare people into believing what you believe. Abortions shouldn’t be thrown around lightly, but sometimes they are the better route. It’s ignorant for you to think that you can tell someone what’s right for them without having a medical license.

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