Look Who’s Not Showing Up For A Debate

On Friday November 11th 2011, The Ottawa University Medical Students for Life and the Ottawa Students for Life Club hosted a debate on “Should physicians provide or refer for abortions?”  The event had been planned for several months and at the outset both pro-life and pro-choice speakers were invited.  Stephanie Grey from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform accepted, but no one from the following list of well known pro-choice advocates responded. You have to say well done to Jovan Morales from the Atheist Community of the University of Ottawa at least he had the courage to stand up for his convictions.

You can view the debate below.

University of Ottawa – abortion debate Nov 11, 2011 from Jeannie on Vimeo.

Below is the list of people who either declined, or did not reply, or ignored the organizers’ invitations. There have been accusations that because these abortion advocates refused or were too disinterested to debate that somehow the debate was unfair. What this really shows is that those who promote choice do not feel they are obliged to defend it. Well, we hope they change their minds because we are going to have a debate with or without them.

  1. Dr. Henry Morgentaler (declined to debate)
  2. Heather Mallick (“pro-choice” columnist for the Toronto Star) (no reply to invitation)
  3. Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry (MP) (declined to debate)
  4. Hon. Dr. Carolyn Bennett (MP) (declined to debate)
  5. Dr. Kathryn Treehuba, Uof Ottawa professor (Obs-Gyn), and Ottawa-area abortion provider (no reply to invitation)
  6. Dr. Fraser Fellows, UWO professor (Obs-Gyn), and London-area abortion provider (no reply to invitation)
  7. Federation of Medical Women of Canada (declined to debate)
  8. Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada- Joyce Arthur (declined to debate)
  9. NDP Party (no reply to invitation)
  10. Canadians for Choice (declined to debate)
  11. Action Canada for Population Development (no reply to invitation)
  12. Hon. Dr. Keith Martin (MP) (No reply to invitation)
  13. Planned Parenthood Ottawa (Heather Holland – Executive Director- Declined to debate)
  14. Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (no reply to invitation)
  15. Professor Sanda Rodgers (University of Ottawa) (declined to debate)
  16. Professor Wayne Sumner (University of Toronto) (declined to debate)


One Response to Look Who’s Not Showing Up For A Debate

  1. Garry Sahl November 24, 2011 at 4:50 PM #

    Professor Tom Landers, Dr. Walter Szetela and others who are bullied without cause to convert to Politically Correct Relativism, have taught their students that the textbooks and professors which teach murder and morbid behavior as good and normal are not scientific or true, but teach the worldview of Politically Correct Relativism. Tom Landers and friends have exposed these people and their textbooks in many debates with them to students, as to the false worldview of these pushers of Politically Correct Relativism who are trying to make reason out of non-reason, and how they have and continue to make the academic world worse.

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