FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Abortion: There is Everything to Debate…

“On November 3rd the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, which represents approximately 22 private abortion facilities, as well as abortion advocates, responded that they believe there is nothing to debate except about “how to eliminate remaining barriers to abortion care….” We have placed the web address at the end of our own press release in order for you to read just what the abortion industry has to say.

The ARCC press release notes that “92% of Canadians don’t want to make abortion legal again….” Now is that really accurate when the figure ARCC uses actually is listed under a key finding in the poll conducted in May 2011 by Abacus Data, and it reads;

“When asked about their position on abortion, 52% said they support the right of a woman to make choices about their own body, 17% support abortion in only extreme circumstances, 18% are opposed to abortion, but recognize the right of individuals to make their own choices, and 8% believe abortion should be illegal” (1% said none of these represented their opinion and 4% were unsure).

i) The right of a woman to make choices about their own body

We also believe women have a right to make  choices about their own bodies too – but we are not talking about a tattoo, liposuction or sky diving – we are talking about abortion – during which the woman drives or walks her body to an abortion facility, gets up on a table and allows an abortionist to enter her body  with instruments in order to destroy the body and life of the child she is carrying!

ii) Recognize the rights of individuals to make their own choices

We also believe that individuals have the right to make their own choices – but that right is not 100% – we see it in laws that require us to use seat belts, or not to drink and drive, or refrain from smoking except in designated smoking areas etc.

Do we really believe that before we are born we are actually a part of our mother like a kidney or an arm? If you do, just go in and ask any doctor to remove your kidney because you do not want it or to cut off your arm because you only have one glove and you cannot afford another, and see if they will. Yet doctors will kill the child growing in your womb for any or no reason and in Canada abortion is legal all nine months. There are those who claim that abortion is not available in Canada at later stages but in Ontario at least we just send the women to the United States and cover the costs with OHIP – that makes it available.

Abortion is necessary precisely because the child is not part of the mother but a complete and different human being who just needs nine months to develop and grow. If the child is not killed by abortion it will be born.

Some of the questions that really need pondering are;

“Why and when did we start believing that any pregnant women has a right to ask a doctor to kill the child developing in her womb?”

“Why are doctors the only ones who can kill someone at another’s request, get paid for it and get away with it in Canada? In any other scenario this would describe an assassin wouldn’t it?

” If we do not believe in capital punishment for the guilty how can we defend abortion of the innocent?”

Below is our latest press release and to see ARCC’s  press release clink on the following link:

Abortion: There is Everything to Debate…
Including whether killing a child in the womb is medical care!

In order to openly and honestly discuss any topic, you cannot decide what ‘kind of debate’ you are going to have in advance.  This is not a debate, but a demand for a closed conversation in which only one side is allowed to make its point.

I would remind our opponents that we, at We Want The Debate, have made no demands on what ‘kind of debate’ it should be.  We believe that in a democratic society an unhindered debate should always be allowed.

The abortion industry and abortion advocates believe that there is a right to abortion and that it is vital to women in Canada.  We at We Want The Debate believe there is no right to kill a child in the womb and that abortion harms and enslaves women.  The pro-abortion lobby believes that abortion access should be expanded.  We at We Want The Debate, along with all pro-life Canadians, obviously disagree.  So let us debate these, and all other issues around abortion, in front of the people of Canada.

There are many disagreements and We Want The Debate plan to raise them all.  We advise the abortion industry and abortion advocates, to start working on their side of the debate, rather than demanding we either do not have one, or if we do, they are allowed to set the rules beforehand.

We WILL Have This Debate.


Jakki Jeffs Campaign Director 519 824-7797 or 1 866 LUV BOTH

Callum MacDonald Project Consultant

3 Responses to FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Abortion: There is Everything to Debate…

  1. Aaron November 12, 2011 at 1:42 PM #

    There is nothing to debate. Access to abortion and other methods of birth control is enshrined in the Constitution, specifically under a woman’s right to “security of person”. The Supreme Court has ruled. A fetus is not a person under the law, and you do not have the right to decide what any given woman can or cannot do with her own body. It is outside your influence, and frankly none of your business.
    All you will accomplish if you ever manage to outlaw abortion (and the odds are very small that you will overturn a Constitutional Supreme Court ruling on human rights) is drive abortions underground again and increase the death toll associated with them. You’re “pro-life,” right?

    • Norma December 4, 2011 at 1:24 PM #

      There is everything to debate where abortion is concerned. A fetus is a human being from conception until Natural death. No one has the right to take the life of anyone. How can anyone judge one person better than another? Is it the Mother or the Fetus?
      If Abortion was Outlawed in Canada I do not feel that the death toll associated with driving up underground abortions would increase. Many Mothers and Fathers of aborted children suffer for having done this. If abortion was Outlawed like any other murder, maybe those considering having an abortion would think twice about the consequences.
      We need support for the Mothers and Fathers considering an Abortion, not Murder. Support is growing everyday to Support the Right to life. We need to be able to Debate the Sanctity of Life. Many women who have been educated on the reasons why not to have an abortion have changed their minds and have not had their abortion.

  2. Garry Sahl November 13, 2011 at 7:49 PM #

    After the Second World War at the war crimes trials at Nuremberg,Ten Nazi leaders were indicted for encouraging and compelling abortion, a crime against humanity. The Nazi Supreme Court had passed over 400 laws legalizing their atrocities and holocaust. These Nazi’s said at the trials that they did nothing wrong, that they did not break the law. They only made legal selections on who should live and who was non-human, and should die.
    How many children in the warmth of their mothers womb have awoken to terror, and have been legally murdered?
    These children deserve our protection, and not Capital Punishment. Irresponsible men have their children killed in the warmth of their mothers wombs, and call it abortion. How many women will they thus anguish? What kind of people teach this in schools, by government and court decree?

    Concerned citizens worked together across Canada to overturn rotten Supreme Court of Canada and Parliament legislation and law of 2005 in 2008. The age of sex consent was legislated to remain 14 in 2005 The Supreme Court of Canada in 2005 also legalized this that consenting children were considered as adults . Now perverts could legally sexually exploit Canadian Children. This so angered Professor Tom Landers, Dr.Walter Szetela, and friends that they organized concerned citizens across Canada, and pressured Parliament to raise the age of sex consent by passing a Bill in Parliament in 2008, raising the age of sex consent. This closed the legal loophole in Canadian Legislation and Law that sexual predators so desired.

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