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Promote abortion as a morally acceptable choice or be denied club status!

We are highlighting what has been happening to university students who wish, just like their fellow students, to establish clubs which reflect their world view. Just so we are all on the same page, here is what Wikipedia says about what a university is and what it does: “A university is an institution of higher […]

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Abortion Industry Masquerading as the Voice for Choice in Canada

Over the years we have wondered who our opponents in the abortion debate really were. Were they like us, just Canadians who wanted to help others to understand what the abortion discussion is about and help families dealing with a crisis pregnancy find the resources to assist them in bringing their child to full term. Did they […]

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Distorting the News

“If journalism at one time seemed an appendix of culture, today by contrast culture finds itself at the mercy of journalism. It is part of the world dominated by journalism. The mass media decide who will be known and to what degree according to which interpretation.” Milan Kundera 1984 In an article entitled “Gotcha” journalism […]

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Media Bias?

The following are comments made regarding media coverage on the Annual National March for Life in Ottawa since 1997 OTTAWA, May 14, 2001 (LSN.ca) – March for Life 2001 was a success with some 3,300 in attendance in the nation’s capital on Friday, demanding an end to discrimination against unborn babies. The most remarkable feature […]

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PRESS RELEASE – We Want The Debate

Educational group plans to challenge for an open and honest debate on abortion October 17, 2011, Guelph, Ontario A group within the educational pro-life movement is about to throw down the gauntlet on what the group claims is the current censorship and hostility toward any attempt to debate abortion. This group, known as the We […]

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Debate Closed?

During the last Federal Election in May, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated on more than one occasion that he “would not open the debate on abortion”. He had already said this during an interview with Peter Mansbridge earlier in the year. This is not the first time Prime Minister Harper has made a proclamation on […]

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Canadians are ready for a debate

On May 11th 2011 ABACUS data released the results of a survey of 1007 Canadians. The participants were asked their views on abortion, the legal protection of human life, public funding of abortion and whether or not they were afraid to have a debate on abortion in Canada. “Liberal Party supporters were the least interested […]

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A 1994 “temporary” injunction – still in effect

Imagine you’ve done nothing wrong, nothing illegal. You’re not charged with anything by the police. But the government doesn’t like your opinion. So it seeks an injunction to prevent you from expressing this opinion, from speaking to people, offering assistance and information, or even praying in a quiet, peaceful manner in public places, and it […]

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