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When are we human? MP Woodworth wants Canadians to review law with 400-year-old roots

The following article was printed in The Record, December 22, 2011. KITCHENER — Kitchener Centre MP Stephen Woodworth says Parliament should examine the question of when a child is considered human under law. In a news release Wednesday, Woodworth said Canadian law does not consider a child human until it is completely delivered out of […]

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Attitudes & Contradictions

“If mother cares – we care – If she doesn’t nor do we” Does that really make any sense? Smoke while pregnant and you can harm your baby. Drink alcohol while pregnant and you can harm your baby Use drugs while you are pregnant and you can harm your baby. Choose abortion while you are […]

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Legal Blindness

“Mankind owes to the child the best it has to give”  Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child, 1924 Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child Adopted 26 September, 1924, League of Nations By the present Declaration of the Rights of the Child, commonly known as “Declaration of Geneva,” men and women of all nations, recognizing that […]

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Overcoming poverty and hunger by eliminating the poor and the hungry?

“Poverty is a major health threat in Toronto. Compared to people with higher incomes, people living in poverty have: Less access to nutritious food and physical activity; more exposure to pollution; more infections: more heart disease, diabetes, mental illness and cancer; smaller babies; and shorter lives. These health impacts of poverty are preventable. Eliminating poverty […]

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The Jaffe Memo – Women’s Rights or Oppression?

In the words of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director and advocate of abortion, “This memo is real…” Abby writes on her blog saying,  “When I worked at Planned Parenthood, there was something that we were not allowed to talk about. If we didn’t talk about it, then maybe no one else would either. […]

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What are women’s rights anyway and is abortion one of them?

“Privately, UNFPA officers say they are in a bind, ’We have had a challenge making sure that when we communicate we are able to preserve women’s rights to abortion but at the same time say that sex selection on the basis of gender of the future child is incorrect because it amounts to discrimination. How […]

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Well, just what are we before we are born?

We would like you to take the time to get acquainted with our youngest Canadians and we hope you enjoy learning about this amazing world which is hidden from our sight. We are pleased to offer you a little peek through a window to human life in the womb. There are many people who really […]

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Wrong Then, Wrong Now

“Crimes against humanity are not simply random acts of carnage. Rather, they are directed at particular groups of people, who have been so degraded and dehumanized that they no longer appear to be fully human or to merit the basic respect and concern that other humans command. Such crimes attack the very idea of humanity […]

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Look Who’s Not Showing Up For A Debate

On Friday November 11th 2011, The Ottawa University Medical Students for Life and the Ottawa Students for Life Club hosted a debate on “Should physicians provide or refer for abortions?”  The event had been planned for several months and at the outset both pro-life and pro-choice speakers were invited.  Stephanie Grey from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform […]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Abortion: There is Everything to Debate…

“On November 3rd the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, which represents approximately 22 private abortion facilities, as well as abortion advocates, responded that they believe there is nothing to debate except about “how to eliminate remaining barriers to abortion care….” We have placed the web address at the end of our own press release in order for […]

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