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The We Want the Debate Campaign is a project of Alliance for Life Ontario. Many times in the past, but especially this year, we have heard some politicians say that “abortion is settled in Canada” or “no one wants a debate on abortion – it is a dead issue”. We have also been told by our current Prime Minister that neither our elected representatives nor indeed the people of Canada would be allowed to debate abortion during his term. We believe that is tyranny, not democracy.

A committee was set up in March 2011, that has endeavoured to develop an educational approach for the Canadian people which we believe highlights our concern that this may be the beginning of the end of democracy in our great country. Our rights and freedoms are the precious gifts of a democratic society and we believe that over the course of the next few months many Canadians will come to see that the paradigm in this country must change. Whatever concern we wish to have publicly debated should not be refused by those to whom we have entrusted this nation. In our case we want an open, honest and transparent debate on abortion. You may want something entirely different.

We represent Ontarians of all backgrounds who believe that it is time to fight for democracy and demand an end to suppression of certain views and censorship of others.

You can find our Press Release here or scroll down to read below:

Educational group plans to challenge for an open and honest debate on abortion

October 17, 2011

A group within the educational pro-life movement is about to throw down the gauntlet on what the group claims is the current censorship and hostility toward any attempt to debate abortion.

This group, known as the We Want the Debate Campaign, will challenge anyone who wishes to defend abortion to an open, transparent and fair debate in front of the people of Ontario. Over the next four months, the campaign will conduct a series of activities to highlight current contradictions and misconceptions that warp the public’s view of abortion. They will expose a systematic distortion by the overwhelming majority of the media of the facts of abortion. They will also denounce the Federal Government’s disregard of the wishes of most Canadians to allow a discussion on the future of abortion in our country.

“We believe that the suppression of any debate in a democratic society is unacceptable,” said Jakki Jeffs, director of the We Want the Debate Campaign.

“We demand that the current censorship of the debate around abortion be ended, and that an open and informed discussion be held in public. The stifling of the debate over the past decades has prevented all Canadians from having access to the facts, and has left the issue completely ignored. In the coming months we will be addressing this lack of balance, and on the 7th of February we hope those who wish to defend abortion will join us in finally debating this before the people of Ontario”.

Jakki Jeffs, Director
Callum Macdonald, Project Consultant
We Want the Debate Committee

26 Norfolk Street
Guelph, ON
N1H 4H8
519. 824.7797
1 866 LUV BOTH (588-2684)


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